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Help Young Talents from Ukraine who fled to Poland after Feb 24th. Create Social Accelerator to Boost their Great Ideas, Projects & Ventures
by Wladek Halbersztadt in Warszawa, Warszawa, Polska
Hi, my name is Wladek. I wish to help Young, Talented Ukrainians who, after February 24th, fled the war zone and are now staying in Poland, develop their Sustainable Ideas, Research Projects, or Startups, and focus on the future.

War and unprovoked Russian aggression on Ukraine probably will not end soon. Nearly 3 million great Ukrainian people live now in Poland, primarily hosted by Polish individuals and families, where 800.000 are teens and children (200.000 of them attend Polish schools, and the rest 600.000 learn online from Ukrainian teachers). It is a challenge for all involved parties: Polish hosts, Ukrainian Guests, and all public institutions. But also, it is a chance to start something new together.

Well, it is evident that talented people are everywhere and that many intelligent Ukrainian teens may physically remain in Poland, the most prominent neighboring country to Ukraine, even if the war finally ends. And Ukraine will need brilliant brains, creativity, and hard work from its top-talented youth to rebuild and reshape its post-war society and economy.
Let’s help the best of the best, the most determined ones, to grow & serve their country from now, even remotely or in hybrid models. Motivate them to form teams, start projects, research, or startups stand-alone or with their Polish colleagues, and enter the global market with new ideas, solutions, products, or services that will improve the world’s sustainability and post-war reality.
As an economist by education and entrepreneur by profession, I believe in the Pareto principle that the best 20 percent of your company’s salespeople will generate 80 percent of sales revenue. That is why I was always willing to support the best talents, those who can move societal things forward, bring change and make the business sustainable.
Thus, the idea emerged to use all my personal know-how, social reputation, business connections, and the potential of the NGO organization I founded a decade ago to build an Accelerator powered by top-notch Young Tech&Science Talents from Ukraine living now in Poland
To support mentally, operationally, and financially New Projects of them, whether it be Social Innovations, Business Solutions, Research Ideas, Technical Inventions, Communication Tools, Software/Apps, or anything else.
The ambitious plan is to discover, help build and support the growth of 10 New Projects annually through:
and generally hands-on-approach with Young Ukrainian Talents staying in Poland. Coordinated by myself and executed locally on the ground from Warsaw HQ under the brand Explory Accelerator.

I am a Polish serial entrepreneur with vast experience and networking in tech startups for over 20 years. I have worked with young talents up to twenty years old for over 10 years since I founded the Explory Talent Program & Science Contest in 2011, which is now the largest in Poland and run by NGO the High Tech Foundation. Over years, 60+ science events, festivals, fairs, and contests for 47.000 participants were organized under the Explory brand. Today, Explory is a community of nearly 3.000 Polish Explorers (13-20 years old) and Alumni Explorers, the authors of over 1800 innovative research-based projects and tech inventions. Moreover, each year Explorers represent Poland at Regeneron ISEF International Science and Engineering Fair (previously Intel ISEF) in the US, the world’s largest science contest for young talents, winning top awards (already 26 awards in total).
It is hard to imagine what war brings to the lives of displaced Ukrainian teens and children, and I observe it every day. I am also a happy father of five and understand that besides humanitarian aid, there is a STRONG NEED FOR MORE DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT AND TALENT TRAINING.
I HAVE ALREADY TAKEN UP THE CHALLENGE. Thanks to the collaboration and financial support of the Polish Center for International Aid and CARE, I recently started “Explory Talent Camps” for talented young Ukrainians aged 15-19 years old. The first camp is now organized free of charge in Masuria Lakes, mixing sustainable workshops, a no-code programming hackathon, sports activities, Gdańsk sightseeing, and a visit to European Solidarity Centre.
Still, I feel a personal responsibility to do more for Young Ukrainian Talents living now in Poland. This is a background of Explory Accelerator.

You are welcome to visit my public profile on Linkedin or contact me directly by mail if you have any questions or thoughts to share.

I Invite You to Join the Community of People who Care about Post-War Ukraine and a Better Sustainable World, as these two elements are now firmly connected.
Young Talents Think Differently. Let’s support smartly the Ukrainian Young Talents, who were forced to become refugees and live now in Poland for a better future for all of us.
I appreciate your support, take care, and all the best 🙂
(Władysław P. Halbersztadt)
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