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I am Ali, a mixed-race black disabled student desperately attempting to fund £48,670 in two weeks to pay for my two-year MSc.
by Ali in Oxford, England, United Kingdom
From a slave to Oxford (Do miracles happen?) #BondedLabourerToOXFORD
I am Ali, a mixed-race black disabled student desperately attempting to fund £48,670 in two weeks to pay for my two-year MSc in Global Healthcare leadership tuition at Oxford.
Please give generously if you are able to contribute!
If you would want to finance my tuition in return for a job contract or project once I graduate from Oxford University, please contact me at [email protected]
£48,670 is a significant amount of money, and I am completely aware that I am wishing for the unattainable, but I would not regret trying. A life can be changed forever by a random act of kindness.
About Me
A picture containing building, brick, outdoor, building material  Description automatically generatedDragged out of my home with my family in Pakistan and attacked, I was terrified, in excruciating agony, and we were all terrified for our lives. I lost the ability to scream; it felt as if the earth had stopped spinning. I saw my 17-year-old and 13-year-old cousins being raped by monsters while others were tormented repeatedly. I was traumatised for life after seeing the last moments of terror in my grandfather’s eyes when he and my uncle were slain, leaving me feeling lifeless, helpless, and all alone. This is how the story of a slave (bonded labourer) began. It is my story.
My family was owned by a local landlord and forced to toil in his fields and brickyard as slaves. This was before the Pakistani Parliament’s abolition of slavery. Even after that, landowners maintained their brutality in a new way, known as “Bonded Labour.” I had to work alongside my parents when I was five years old, yet I fell in love (when I would sneak into the school not far from the fields). It was not a love that remained by my side through the good times and disappeared during the bad, but rather a love so profound that few could comprehend it. It was a passion for education.
Born into a family whose entire goal in life was to serve their landlords, I was on my own. We were denied access to schooling. Everyone around me, particularly my family, struggled to comprehend what could possibly have attracted me to such an unachievable, in their view, desire.
But, as the adage goes, love is blind. I wasn’t sure what it was about schooling that I found so intriguing. I only knew the alphabet because I enjoyed hearing its sounds and attempted to make sense of its delicate and gentle syllables. I would come across torn pages and discarded books, and I would take joy in seeing mysterious lines and working out their meaning. 
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At the age of 10, I escaped a life in which I was constantly exposed to persecution, humiliation, and cruelty. I arrived in a city called Bahawalpur, where I began an arduous journey. I was fortunate to have worked (as a housekeeper) at the home of a loving teacher who tutored me in the evening. Eventually, he admitted me to his school, and I worked after school to raise money for my family’s emancipation from the landlord. 
With the exception of my schooling, I’ve either supported myself or received full scholarships. Prior to earning my master’s degree, I worked a variety of part-time jobs, including as a cleaner, a teacher instructing school children, a cricket coach, and a charity worker. I earned a gold medal for my MBA and have maintained a high level of excellence throughout my academic career. Mr. Chitundu, the kindest and most sympathetic person in my life, assisted me in paying the debt and freeing my family from the landlord.
I worked with a non-profit organisation that aided in building up dispensaries and school settings in some of the most distant communities, which angered the local landlords and forced me to seek refuge in the United Kingdom. Since then, I have contributed greatly to this country’s health and social care and volunteered for various charitable organisations.
Receiving an offer from Oxford was like being liberated from chains, and I felt (momentarily) that I am equally equal to others and not a son of a lesser god. However, this feeling was short-lived since I did not receive the sole scholarship I had applied for. I cannot afford to enrol unless I am able to fundraise the required fees, and I have just two weeks to do so. A compassionate person recently informed me that miracles do happen through people, and I’m here to see whether this is true. I am aware that I am wishing for something that may never come to pass, but, as I say, I would not regret trying. 
Why support me?
The tuition fees for the two-year programme is £48,670, which is a significant sum of money. A person who passed away from Covid shortly before I got my offer pushed me to enrol for this programme, but the charity administration declined to provide me with funding following his death. The Guardian estimates that over one thousand individuals like me who are given a place for postgraduate study at Oxford are forced to withdraw due to lack of funds. However, I may make it to Oxford in August with your help.
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What is Global Healthcare Leadership?
The MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership is an academically challenging and highly practical part-time degree that equips healthcare professionals with the ability to provide economical, effective, and efficient healthcare in complex global systems.
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Why Oxford?
The University of Oxford’s MSc Program is unparalleled. It is a two-year programme, one year longer than the norm. Global health concerns have illuminated the complexity of healthcare system decision-making and the necessity for skilled leadership. This will allow them to provide a healthier future for their communities. This training will assist in developing resilience and the capacity to innovate and enhance healthcare delivery. Lastly, in terms of my research and career goals, Oxford is by far the university that best suits me.
What’s my motivation?
This child with a learning disability was expelled from school - Pakistan -  DAWN.COMI have had a keen knowledge of the vast inequity in the world throughout my whole life. I could never reconcile the disparity between poverty and wealth that coexists in the nation. I have had a multitude of chances because of having the bravery to fight my destiny. I want to devote the rest of my life to improving healthcare for children with learning disabilities and autism, including those with microcephaly (rat children as called in south Asia).
'Rat Children' of Pakistan: A story of religious orthodoxy and child abuseI plan to engage with charitable organisations to spread awareness that these children are not cursed. I would also work on discouraging the practice of sending children to shrines where they are mistreated and forced to beg. The plan is to establish a public-private partnership that will enable the construction of multiple centres of excellence for disabled children, the provision of annual health checks, eye, dental, and hearing examinations in special residential schools, the cessation of the overmedication of people with learning disabilities & autism and the promotion of appropriate treatment and medication in paediatrics. We can give early intervention with speech, occupational, and other supportive therapy to increase a child’s development and improve their quality of life, as opposed to labelling them as “mentally ill” or abandoning them to suffer alone.
What I pledge:
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