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Alpino had long been a Chapel Market institution
Friday, 12th August — By Anna Lamche
Alpino is closing its doors and relocating
A CAFÉ with a history stretching back more than 60 years has been forced to relocate, amid warnings even the most established businesses are not immune to the cost-of-living crisis.
Open since 1959, Alpino has long been a Chapel Market institution, known for its fry-ups along with traditional Italian pasta, risotto and gnocchi.
For the past 17 years, the café has been run by Gianpaolo Fabrizi and his family. But recently the family was forced to shut Alpino’s doors, with Mr Fabrizi blaming rising rents, stock prices and utility bills for the closure.
He is now relocating across the road to 1 Chapel Market, formerly the site of Copperhouse Chocolate. Set to open in the second week of September, the new business has been christened Casa Fabrizi.
“[Alpino] was a big name, everybody knew it was a family-run business. It’s a big shame that we have to move,” Mr Fabrizi told the Tribune this week. “It was a lovely little place. It’s got a history.”
He said rising prices left him with no choice but to leave.
“The prices of everything have gone up, everything costs more. Bacon, sausage, electricity is crazy now, and gas – it’s all gone up,” he said.
“It wasn’t feasible, we’d have to be charging £15 for breakfast just to carry on paying all the bills but not earning anything.”
He has suggested measures need to be taken to empower small business owners. “You can’t give all the power just to the landlord,” he said.
“Everybody’s suffering now. If I can keep my prices as low as possible for [customers], it’s the best way – I can be busy and they can eat.”
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