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APPRENTICE star and West Ham United vice-chair Karren Brady answers your careers questions and meets an inspirational CEO.
Here she gives a reader advice on how to take up a side hustle in tutoring.
Q) I’m a teacher and recently a friend asked if I could tutor her son on a weekly basis for an hour at a time. She said she could pay me, so I don’t feel she’s taking advantage.
But I don’t know how to go about this in the correct way. To tutor in my own home, do I need to be inspected?
And if I enjoyed it and wanted to take on other kids as a bigger side hustle, would I need to think about tax implications?
Sarah, via email
A) Working in education is a highly rewarding job, and tutoring is a great way of earning extra income as and when it works for you.
All private tutors need to be set up with HMRC. Even if you are part-time, you still need to declare your earnings.
The most straightforward way would be to set yourself up as a sole trader – Gov.uk has a step-by-step guide on how to do this.
You will also need to fill in a self-assessment tax return, which will explain how to declare any extra money you’ve earned.
Set up a bank account so all your business expenses go in and out of one account, making it easier to manage.
It is not a legal regulation for you to be inspected, but it is common for tutors to take out public liability insurance, should there be any damage or injury to a third party in a place where you work, as well as professional indemnity insurance, which will provide protection against claims of negligence.
I know all this may sound overwhelming, but the government fully supports and encourages small businesses, particularly education-based ones, so setting one up is a straightforward and worthwhile process.
Wishing you the best of luck!
Celebrity facialist and lymphatic-drainage body sculptor Dimple Amani, 37, is the founder of an eponymous company that provides Ayurveda-based products and treatments. She lives in London with her parents and her daughter Angel, 10. 
I wake up at…
7am. Coming from an Indian family, Angel and I do our morning prayers first thing, then I shower and do a five-minute lymphatic-drainage facial massage to de-puff my skin. After breakfast and the school run, I drive 40 minutes to my Pimlico clinic.
A normal day involves…
Growing up, my grandma used ancient herbs and remedies to cure illnesses, so five years ago, after training as a beauty therapist in my late teens, I went to the Himalayas to train with practitioners of Ayurveda – a natural system of medicine, which originated in India more than 3,000 years ago.
My team of six practitioners are all trained in my bespoke method, so we share treatments, but because I have a close relationship with clients, I do more pre-treatment consultations. This year, I launched my own product and beauty tool line, and during that period of development it felt like I was juggling two full-time jobs!
From a young age, I watched my dad running 15 supermarkets in London and, luckily, I’m a multitasker, too. But I couldn’t be without my personal assistant, Carol, who keeps on top of my emails and assists with manufacturer queries and lab checks, client questions, bookings, product orders and deliveries.
On really busy days, I wake at 6am to answer messages from clients and product-line manufacturers and packaging queries. As I’m a single mum, my parents help with childcare, which I truly appreciate. Hats off to all multitasking women who don’t have that support – it’s hard enough when you do.
The best part of my job is…
Seeing the impact my treatment has on clients. Sometimes they feel so relaxed and amazing, they burst into tears and hug me. 
And the hardest…
The admin – I’m not a fan, and it’s constant!
I wind down by…
Getting into my pyjamas, lighting a candle in my bedroom and enjoying a mug of herbal tea.
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