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New Sky documentary One Shot: The Football Factory follows young aspiring players in South London who dream of becoming top flight footballers
One Shot: The Football Factory is a four-part Sky Sports documentary which follows young people who believe football could be their ticket to a better life.
The series was filmed in South London and features young players, many of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Though less than 1% of young players in football academies across the country will go on to play professionally at any level, the stark statistics have not put many off.
One Shot was filmed over 18 months in South London, and explores the long struggles that aspiring players go through in their efforts to make it.
The series goes to football cages on South London estates, where young people across the city play, hoping to get noticed by scouts so that they can join a club.
But just getting signed for a trial is immensely difficult, let alone making it through an academy.
Lots of footballers who do go on to have successful careers have been part of a club since they were young children – in many cases from the age of six.
For those who are not with a club, but are still dreaming of breaking out, the path to success is even more perilous.
The three men in the series all have hopes of becoming Premier League players – even though figures suggest that just 180 of the 1.5 million youth footballers in the UK will make that leap.
But for many young players today, their aspirations are spurred on by difficult situations at home, and football offers the hope of an escape from grinding poverty.
The documentary focuses on three young men and follows them through the highs and lows as they try to get signed and achieve their dreams.
Not being connected to a club, the players have to work other jobs, and face a brutal compromise between leaving themselves enough time to pursue their goals and keep playing, and earning enough to survive.
One of the players featured in the documentary, Yomi, works late shifts at McDonalds and early shifts at Iceland, but still finds time in between to train.
The series also features players who were dropped by professional clubs but are still trying to find a way back, starting from square one but unable to give up on their dreams.
Others featured in the series include scouts, agents and coaches who work to find raw talent in the cages and nurture new players in order to shape the next generation.
The parents of hopeful players will also give their perspective on what the game can mean for their sons, and whether they think the risks involved are worth the potential gains.
One Shot: A Football Factory is presented by South London born actor and rapper Ashley Walters, also known by stage name Asher D.
Walters was a member of the grage group So Solid Crew until they split in 2006 and since then has released his own album and several singles.
Walters is best known for playing Dushane in gritty London crime series Top Boy, and he has also starred in Bulletproof and Safe House.
Yes there is, and you can watch it right here:
The first episode of One Shot: A Football Factory will air on Sunday 14 August at 9pm on Sky Sports.
There are four episodes in the series and they will be released at the same time weekly. All episodes are available to watch now on NOW.


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