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Rising life expectancy and falling birth rates mean the world’s average person is getting older. It also means they will be working a lot longer.
When Will the World Shift to Rate Cuts? More Investors Say 2024 or Later
Apple’s Big Rally Gives Stock Bulls Something to Cheer About
Peloton to Cut 800 Jobs, Hike Prices and Shut Stores in Sweeping Overhaul
Masayoshi Son Is Now Down $4 Billion on His SoftBank Side Deals
Samsung Heir Wins Presidential Pardon, May Rejoin Board
White House Nears Road Map on Taiwan Trade Amid China Discord
FBI Seized Top-Secret Classified Documents From Trump’s Estate
Here’s Who Wall Street Is Betting Could Be Carlyle’s Next CEO
Melvin Hedge Fund Probed by SEC Over Risk Controls, Client Communications
In ‘The Princess,’ a Documentary on Diana Flips the Focus
Author Salman Rushdie Attacked on Lecture Stage in New York
Short or Long, Inflation Expectations Are Too High
The Stock Market Rally Looks a Bit Squirrely
Driverless Trucks Can Be Safe and Efficient
Mark Zuckerberg’s Sheryl Sandberg Replacement Has Long Been Meta’s Top Fixer
Booming Beef Industry Has Urban Cowboys Lining Up to Buy Cattle in Uruguay
The Work-From-Home Revolution Is Also a Trap for Women
The WHO Is Renaming Monkeypox and Wants Your Help
NYC Mayor Adams Signs Six Bills to Increase Abortion Access 
Brazil’s Middle Class Benefits the Most from Bolsonaro’s Gas Tax Cuts
Total Water in England’s Reservoirs Is at Lowest Level Since 1995
In Biden’s Big Bill: Climate, Health Care, Deficit Reduction
The Real-World Architects Who Built the Sci-Fi Dystopias of ‘Westworld’
Years of Covid School Closures Leave Philippines With Deep Scars
Hong Kong’s Ban on CBD Products Leaves Companies Facing Ruin
Tornado Cash Token Tumbles After Developer Arrest
Ethereum Founder Buterin Forecasts Blockchain Merge on Sept. 15
Another Friday Behind the Editor’s Desk at Bloomberg Crypto
Instead of leaving the market altogether, new investors are getting creative. 
An AMC movie theater in the Times Square neighborhood of New York.

Market volatility is giving retail traders whiplash, and there’s little consensus among the meme-stock set on how to react.
After two years of stimulus-fueled gains, stocks are are getting hammered, with surging inflation, rising interesting rates and a tumultuous earnings season conspiring to keep markets weak.


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