6 Best Children Money Boxes Personalised Under £50

We are living in a world where financial literacy is more crucial than ever. Teaching your children the value of money is crucial for their future. I also face this problem; that’s why I write this blog to help others. In this blog, we will discuss how to improve the saving habits of our kids.

The personalized children’s money boxes will help us introduce financial concepts to them. Also, I have shared a buying guide that will let you know the important things that you should consider in your children’s money boxes.

Are you in Hurry?

If you do not have that much time to read this blog, then you can check out this Thedttoy ATM money box.

Because it is made of high-quality ABS plastic, it is non-toxic and does not break easily. It has an automatic paper money scroller, which is very convenient for money management. It can store 600 pieces of coins or 100 pieces of paper money. It provides great help to your kids to protect their personal stuff. And the best of it is password-safe protection. The current price is £19.99.

6 Best and Under £50 Children Money Boxes Personalised

The Best Buying Guide for Personalised Children Money Boxes

Purchasing the best personalized children money boxes plays a very important role if you want to develop a money-saving habit in your children. That’s why you should be aware of these things before buying them.

Quality: Check the material from which it is made. The color is attractive for kids. You must check if it is safe to store the money.

Educational Value: The money box is a valuable tool for building good financial habits in your kids. It works as both a safe placeto put your money and an educational math device.

Appearance: Appearances play an important role because colorful designs captivate kids’ attention.

Ease of Setup: You must buy a money box that is easy to use. It’s easy to set your own code.

Value for Money: How much can you spend on it? You should check if the money box you have selected is valuable for your money or not. Some money boxes are literally more expensive than expected.

Top 5 Personalised Children Money Boxes in 2024: Which One Is Best for You?

If you’re looking for the best personalized children money boxes, here we have sorted the top 5 for you (including images, key features, pros and cons, and pricing information).

Giftota Money Box

Giftota money boxes use Japanese Kakeibo technology to keep an eye on your savings. The money box is made of high-quality FSC wood; the wood thickness is 0.6 cm, making it durable enough to be used for a long time. Different from the smash money box, it is reusable, which reduces waste. Different from the electric money box, it can not only save money but also stimulate the kids’ brains. Children can calculate their own savings. The current price is £11.98.

6 Best and Under £50 Children Money Boxes Personalised


You can easily see how far you have come in saving!

It motivates you to put one or two notes aside to eliminate another number.


The money doesn’t lay right and all bunches up, making it difficult to put into the slot. 

SummiDate Wooden Letter Money Box

SummiDate Wooden Letter Money Box is a large, shaped money box that is crafted from organic wood. The transparent acrylic glass cover makes it possible to see through the coin inside and evaluate money-saving progress. They have A-Z capital letters plus “$” “&” “?” shapes for you to customize any combination you like. The current price is £19.99.

6 Best and Under £50 Children Money Boxes Personalised


Sturdy is a much classier way to save money compared to the plastic piggy banks.

Kids love the coin bank with their own name initially.


The tiny screws are impossible to get out!

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Yufanya Money Box

This money box is made of high-quality, premium ABS and has a safe, non-toxic, and healthy design. It can be used repeatedly, and it is durable for a long time. We need 3 AA batteries. This money box can not only insert coins but can also roll cash and bills into the money bank box automatically, just like a real ATM bank machine. The exquisite design and the mini appearance make it perfect for children. The current price is £17.99.

6 Best and Under £50 Children Money Boxes Personalised


This strong box perfectly withstood the effort of the insistent opening and closing.

The money box can play three different in-built songs.


The English translation button wouldn’t work, so I had to listen and use it in Chinese!

Hicocool Adult Piggy Bank

This 19-cm adult piggy bank money box is made of high-quality stainless steel, which not only makes it scratch-resistant but also anti-corrosion and anti-rust. This money bank has six sides and only one slot. You’ll need a hammer, a handsaw, and other tools to open it. The current price is £28.99.

6 Best and Under £50 Children Money Boxes Personalised


Very tough and great quality; very hard to break open, but that’s what it’s meant for!

You can send this piggy bank for adults to your lover.


You cannot take money out of a sealed stainless-steel box with a slot for coins and notes, i.e., once full, the box will have to be cut open, which is no easy task.

GADIEDIE 2Pcs, Large Piggy Bank

This money box is made of plastic, lightweight, strong, and durable, so no worries to befall and broken, no need to worry about the safety of children. With rigid durability, this bank is not just an accessory but a hands-on activity, as the child is safe to touch, hold, play with, and fill with their favorite coins. The current price is £22.80.

6 Best and Under £50 Children Money Boxes Personalised


It’s a cute little piggy bank made of sturdy plastic.

It is easy to store coins and banknotes.


Had a very strong chemical smell once opened.

Benefits of Personalised Children Money Boxes

They provide a tangible way for children to learn about savings, budgeting, and setting financial goals. By setting saving goals and tracking their progress, children learn the value of money and how to use it properly. It can encourage children to actively participate in their financial journey.


What are children money boxes?

The children’s money boxes are also known as piggy banks. They help the kids understand the value of money and how to manage it properly.

How do I use a personalised money box effectively?

Parents can use it as a teaching tool. Discuss with their child why saving is important, set saving goals, and celebrate when they reach those goals. The personalized money box will serve as a constant reminder of these lessons.

How do I choose The Perfect Personalise Money Box?

To choose it, you must consider the age of your child and their interests. Design plays an important role because, when it is attractive, your child will regularly use it. So, you must ensure that the box is made of good quality.


In this blog, I share my personal reviews of products. I also face the same problem; that’s why I wrote this blog, thinking that many people also face the same problem. I have described the importance of money boxes for children to help them learn the value of money.

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