UK Visa Requirement Changes: Are You Affected by the New Rules: New Update 2023

It’s clear that the UK government has taken action to reduce net migration, which had reached an all-time high in 2022. This plan is an attempt to fulfill their promise to deliver the largest-ever cut in net migration.

The UK government has announced a series of measures to reduce immigration to the UK. These include increasing the minimum household income requirement for skilled worker visas, no longer allowing social care workers to bring defendants, restricting international students from bringing defendants, and removing the rule that allowed some of the most-needed professions to be hired at 20% below the going rate.

These measures are intended to reduce net migration levels and ensure the immigration system meets the needs of UK citizens and employers.  Official estimates show that net migration is projected to reach a high of 745,000 in 2022. In this blog, we will discuss the implications of the Home Secretary’s statement and how it will affect immigration to the UK. 

New Immigration Rules of UK

It is evident that the UK is making a concerted effort to regulate and manage immigration more effectively. These changes to UK visa requirements are expected to reduce the number of people able to come to the UK from abroad.

The UK immigration visa requirements for skilled workers have been increased substantially, with the new minimum set at £38,700, a near 50% increase from the current requirement of £26,200.  It is evident that the UK needs to implement stringent regulations to protect those applying for visas.

This is evident in the recent proposed increase in the immigration health surcharge to £1,035.  To reduce net migration, over 153,000 visas have been granted for sponsored students and their dependents. It is essential to be aware of the measures put in place to control the entry of dependents and ensure the UK is a safe and secure environment for all residents. 

Real Cost of Healthcare for Immigrants

It is important to remember that applicants coming to the UK for 6 months or longer must pay a mandatory immigration health surcharge when completing their online visa application. This surcharge cannot be waived nor refunded, regardless of whether you have taken out private health insurance.

The immigration health surcharge has increased significantly, from £624 to £1,035 per year. If you have defendants, they too must pay this charge. Furthermore, if the leave granted is for 6 months or less, the amount payable for that part of a year is £275 instead of the usual £470. 

UK Companies Need

From next spring, the UK government is increasing the earning threshold for overseas workers by almost 50%, from its current amount of £26,200 to £38,700. This change is intended to help address skills gaps in the UK by allowing employers to access skilled workers from overseas without having to pay the current minimum earnings threshold of £26,200 or more.

Additionally, a list of Shortage Occupation jobs that the UK particularly needs to fill will be updated and made available, allowing sponsorship of roles for less than the general threshold.

Changes may Affect Tourists

Tourists planning to visit the UK should research and understand the current UK visa requirements to avoid any surprises. Understandably, the changes in the health surcharge and salary threshold might have a significant financial impact.

Tourists should also be aware that they may have to pay additional fees for visa applications, such as a fee for a Certificate of Sponsorship and a fee for a Tier 2 visa. Furthermore, if they are bringing family members along, they should be aware that family members aged 18 and older must apply for individual visas, and they will also have to pay the above fees.

UK Latest Migration Statistics

This report indicates that the estimated total net migration for the year ending June 2023 was 672,000, which is slightly higher than the estimate for the year ending June 2022 but lower than the estimate for the year ending December 2022.

The majority of people arriving in the UK in June 2023 were non-EU nationals, followed by EU and British nationals. This suggests that immigration may be on a downward trend, although it is still too early to tell.

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UK Skilled Worker Minimum Salary for Visa to Soar

The UK Home Secretary has announced significant changes to the way working visas are applied for and granted. Individuals must now earn a minimum of £38,700 to qualify, which is a considerable increase from the previous £26,000. The government is aiming to reduce net annual immigration by 300,000 by a yet-to-be-determined date, making it evident that they are seeking to tighten their immigration policy.


It’s important to stay up to date on visa requirements for traveling to the UK. Recent changes to the visa system could affect your trip, so it’s essential to check if you need to apply for any new permits or visas before you travel. Additionally, there are other important steps to consider when traveling, such as informing your bank of your intended destination and making sure that your passport and other necessary documents are in order.

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